i want to divorce

  • big argument with wife this evening..problem with her a few months..want to divorce with her..comments?

  • hello. how long u've been married?

  • tks for reply music, over 5 yrs ..but always argue in trival matter..u married too? same problem?

  • i'm not married yet, but u two can't compromise even in those trivial matters?

  • clarence_kwan_hk@yahoo.com.hk

    i am a married man too.....add my msn to share

  • music, no..try before..she sudden go back her mom home..i am home alone now..and u? any bf/gf..plan to get marry?

  • NIKE ...... just do it

  • I've just read a book called "Men from the Mars, Women from the Venus" (You can borrow it from the public library)

    I think it is very useful. Man and woman though in different way. For instance, a woman may say something to support or comfort their husband, but in husband way, he may think his wife is challenge him or something else.

    If you and your wife have problem, why don't you try to solve it.

    I think divorce is the last choice!

  • how old are u and your wife?

  • Have you tried your best to sort this argument out?

    Otherwise, divorce is not a solution, you will just have the same kind of problem with your next wife.

  • Do u REALLY want to divorce with her? I mean, is ur feelings for her have died down to such that divorce is the only way out?

    Does ur wife intend to get a divorce also?

    By the way, i was also feeling down right now. Will go out and have a walk with my fd. Cu and chat next time.

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