over 40/m, lost my business and wife, had been .....

  • i m over 40/m, lost my business and wife, had been fooling arounding for years.   Do u think an old man without money and future could encounter a nice lady for stable relationship again?

  • Brother, sorry to hear your sad experience. However, as long as you are sincere and treat girls/women good, I think it is totally possible for you to meet a good lady for stable relationship again!

    Good luck! God bless you~~~

  • It depends on you. If you can find out the cause and learn from it, there must be someone for you. Don't be deserate, keep on!

  • thx gilbert & amy,

    unfortunately, dare not to approach ladies now, really afraid of those pragmatic eyes, most ladies step away once they know my past and existing situation, some may even left sharpen words...

  • What do you mean by nice ladies? What if the lady is in exactly the same situation as you, would you still want her?

  • nice - just a general term, i dont hv any special meaning or criteria, ....i think what makes i 'want' her is not depending on whether she is in the same situation or not, merely on whether we like each others, cope with each others....

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