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  • i wld like to take some short course, $2000 for 3 months then $2000 for another 3 months.  我就梗係想 my boss 出曬啦, 用什麼字眼可以 achieve aim 之餘又吾肉酸呢 ? 我最多識話, 老細, 可吾 sponsor 下?  but 吾知點開口叫佢比曬 !?

    background info :  

    1) my boss increased my salary starting fm Jan 07, he treat me quite good. 

    2) business not good and not bad

    3) 4-person small company, am direct report to him, every decision making is made by him directly

    4) course is a little bit related to my current job duties.

  • 政府唔係會資助中小企的員工去進修的計劃?



  • 你問佢,覺唔覺得你啲英文好唔掂?

    佢話係你咪打蛇隨棍上, 叫佢貼啲囉.

  • tks for replies. not all subject can claim back. anyway tks both of u.

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