i want to chase this girl. Do you guys think she's very pretty and cute ?

  • just so so la. not pretty.

  • HAH? Pretty? I was scared when I first saw her face. She is UGLY !!! Freaked me out man.

    Must be another self promotion. You must be the girl yourself. Go get a life you loser.

  • I think not bad ar, looks quite cute, better then so many girls already

  • I'm so sorry that I cannot find a pretty girl there

    which one is .............. ?

  • Lui Fong replied 20 hrs ago :

    HAH? Pretty? I was scared when I first saw her face. She is UGLY !!! Freaked me out man.

    Must be another self promotion. You must be the girl yourself. Go get a life you loser.

    SUPER AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if the thread starter really want to chase that "GAL", it's not necessary to seek advice from us!!!

  • 你見下佢落左妝個樣先啦

  • i know this girl wor.... she dances Ballet. Her mom told me that her daughter is the "Flower of the school". She also said her daughter must be sure win in Miss HK Contest, and can be a celebrity in the future.

  • Anna,

    Please don't joke with us. Or you must be using another name to promote yourself. in other words you are the thread starter and you are that girl yourself.

    That girl in the pic is totally ugly. when i first clicked to that page and saw her face, I was shocked and was scared like seeing a monster. I'm speaking the truth, not exaggerating.

  • Doug,

    of coz i'm NOT that girl. i just know her a bit in the Ballet class. i don't think she's pretty or cute, but as u know, in she.com, if u say xxxx not prettty, then ppl would say "u envy her" ....

    In one summer, the girl came back from US, and her mom asked me whether i saw her daughter. i said "YES, seem taller wor", then her mom said "she's very beautiful ho ?" i just kept slience. ..

    To jack:

    why you want to chase her ? don't you feel that she's very arrogant sometimes?

  • topic : i want to chase this girl. Do you guys think she's very pretty and cute ?

    thread id: 1872141 posted by jack

    on 2007-04-23 21:36:45


  • 佢係咪化妝化到一半 ~ 淨係化咗對眼呀?

  • I was shocked by the 1st pic .......

  • i think she's average with no makeup, while extremely horrible with makeup wor ....

  • i think she's quite nice in other pics / albums......

  • i also was scared when the first time i saw her pic. I continued to click to other pictures...and still thought she is very ugly.

    How an you call her pretty and cute and even want to chase her?

  • 板主! she.com啲人無咩嘢對你唔住呀?洗唔洗咁毒擺啲咁既野黎嚇人呀?

  • 好彩冇心臟病, 嚇鬼死

  • http://family.webshots.com/


    this album much more normal,

    u think pretty ma ??

  • sharon


  • 唔靚, 但係可能性格開朗吧. 個笑容令人覺得佢好開心, 係咪想整蠱佢呀?

  • to ^.^ .... you may be cheated by her smile la.

    She's very arrogant... i found this in her blog:

    Let me tell you this: If I wanted to be a celebrity, or if i wanted to be on every single magazine's cover in Hong Kong, I could set foot on it and be one right this moment. You do not know how many people I have turned down.

  • 哈哈, 真係咁搞笑?

  • very funny wor ........

  • 嘩,佢阿媽好嚇人呀,紋眉死魚眼!唔怪得佢話佢個女生得靚啦!

  • You do not know how many people I have turned down.


  • Her mom always FORCEs ppl to say her daughter 好靚 .... very horrible and annoying !!!

    this girl wrote those words in her blog, as her cousin acted as a model for a company print Ad, i guess this girl was very angry and got jealous la.

  • Anna,

    I guess she wrote that in her blog cuz she's jealous of her cousin? and she was actually writing that to her cousin?

    Anyhow, once again, she can't be pretty. she is just common looking.

  • okay I just read the second site you posted here and I think I need to take some of my words back (that she is just common looking). I guess I need to say now she's UGLY in fact. here are my comments:

    1) her NOSE is SO BIG and FLAT and ROUND and WIDE.

    2) Her eyes are UGLY.

    3) Her forehead is BIG (like that of Mr Frankinstein's)


  • and is she just 17? anyhow she's just young .... childish, and airheaded. hope she'll become more mature when she's older, and stop dreaming to become a celeb cuz she's not one celeb material at all.

  • To Fly Right :

    This girl wrote this in her blog only.

    As she got some prizes in Ballet competitions, and she thinks herself is super pretty. Therefore, she's very confident to be a super star.

    In fact, i don't care whether she's pretty, but i just hope they not force me to praise her beauty. Really ANNOYING !!

  • one FUNNY thing i just remembered : One summer, her mom said she let her daughter do summer job , such as 唱下歌, 拍下戲 .... but finally, nothing done .... very 頂癮 ...

  • I can only tell she dances Ballet from her makeup! hahaa

    She looks like a little girl. (so there is nothing like "attractive" or "beautiful" to me!) And yes, she does seem a little bit arrogant from the pics.

    btw, Which ballet school does she go??

  • She's now studying in UC Irvine in California, major in Dance. In the past, she danced in Jean M Wong School Of Ballet with me. But then she sometimes joins classes in Emma Tse's school when she's back Hong Kong.

    Hey, anyone knows about the Dance ranking of UCI ? is it famous ?

    she's now 21 , but still same face.... ENVY...

  • Thanks anna ! she's not that cute and pure as i think !!

  • DAnce well = Being celebrity ??

  • Major in Dancing ? BRAVE !!!!!

  • where can i see her blog?

  • she is alright la, average~

  • anna,

    Mabbe u dun realize this... but ALL MOTHERS think their daughters are the MOST beautiful ga la.

    Take this girl as an example.


    Her mom once asked my if my mom has seen her daughter....

    If she ( my mom) have not seen her daughter.. then my mom is missing out la.

    Because ( the girl's mom said ) her daughter is soooooooo gorgeous that many guys go after her lor. What type of guys go after her???? Use your imagination la..... =]

    And like the other gal mentioned above... this chick also dreams of being a CELEB !!! She would go for professional photo shoots and sends them to different model agencies.

    One time she even joined some competition ... if she wins.. she can be in some movies... i forgot the exact details.

    And she was so cocky ... and even asked me and my friend why dun we also joined... it's so fun .. blahblahblah....

    But i think she got into the FINALS... but lost. And in the end.. she said it was all a SCAM... like the bar just needed some ENTERTAINMENT... and used these gals to provide it. I thought she was like a total MONKEY ASS, seriously.

    Her mom is so proud of her tho.... always wishing her fd ( me) would be like her daughter. Ummmm.. no thanks... i dun wanna be f u c k e d by 50 thousand men.... and have to get 5 abortions in my life.... and she's only 25 ... OMG !!!!!!!!!!

  • Her blog is now set with "friends Lock" , so now can't get in and see.

    Brainy, ir fd is even much cheaper wor. and very ugly and very old ar...

  • 講真,好多時係D老女人,自己想做星媽,就由細到大灌輸 要入娛樂圈 既訊息俾個女

    例子有欣宜,原子惠,貝安琪,Rosemary ........

  • 王仁曼曾經都好錫佢 ,but she is too arrogant and finally 變成棄將.

  • sure nOt pretty LAh ..... too common ..... many HK girls much prettier than her Lah....

  • will you guys think she should try try Miss HK contest ? Flower of the school wor.

  • OMG

  • 勁搞笑,超醜怪.

  • she's not pretty .... eyes not pretty, nose not pretty... her forehead is even horrible ....

    even in the normal pics... she's still very common ... if she's pretty, then no porkchop la.

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