What is considered as date nowadays?

  • These days, it's very hard to tell the difference between 'hangout' and 'date" when it comes to boy-girl one on one spending time together.

    Please advise!

  • personally wont regard any appointment as dating before an expressed confirmation of the lover relationship..

    so, i only hangout with guys but date my bf

    wat s ur confusion?

  • so you are saying, before the two single people are established as bf/gf, there are no such thing as dates?! Dating is only reserved for official couples?

  • It should only be regarded as a date when a boy, who is in love with the girl, asks the girl out, and the girl, who is in love with the boy, accepts his invitation.

  • ahh so according to prawn sandwich, the boy should initiate a date.

    And what if it was a girl who asked the guy and he accepted it? Do we call that hang out instead?

  • Who initiates the "date" is not important. I still call it a date if it is the girl who initiates it.

    I should have put "vice versa" in my last post !!!

  • 係唔係英文題?

    1. appointment: an appointment to meet somebody for a social or business activity

      I've got a dinner date with a client.

      6. romantic appointment: a romantic engagement with somebody

      I thought we had a date tonight.

  • gimme a break, and leave the word "love" out of the definition.

    a date is simply hanging out with a friend whom you may "one day" have a romantic relationship with.

  • I think love2day's definition makes more sense for nowadays...and that's what i meant earlier about the blending meaning for "hang out' and 'date".

    Date doesn't have to be dinner/movie and it can be as simple as wandering around the streets together, having drinks, that's exactly what a couple of friends would do when they hang out too.

    Am I wrong? or maybe I am just too stupid to separate the two.

  • Call me old fashion or something but I don't agree. A date is a date between 2 lovers and a hangout can be with basically anyone which can end up doing ONS and shag the living datlight out of your brain in a back staircase.

    If you guys call that a date well then so be it but it is blatantly disappointing.

  • gal,

    yes, and a date can be coffee time too.

    two persons are definitely not lovers, and i am very certain of that.

    dating is "trying out".

    "bf" is confirmed and set.

    "lovers" are more committed, not casual.

  • gal, do you have a date now?

  • another big difference between a date (as a person) and a lover; a gal can go on dating with as many guys as she wants.

    and her date (the guy) knowing himself as her date only, should understand without any jealous feeling if she dates other guys. this part is harder for HK men.

  • a date is someone you going out with for fun and to explore the possibility of developing a relationship with.

    bf/gf is someone you date exclusively.

  • If a hangout is like that prawn sandiwich says: "a hangout can be with basically anyone which can end up doing ONS and shag the living datlight out of your brain in a back staircase. "...THEN I am disappointed!

  • gal,

    um.. i am not too sure how it works neither..

    maybe a kiss at the end of the nite?

    but having a date could be quite stressful.. i think just hanging out, getting to know each other is better.

    sigh... who am i to say, i havent had any guys around for a month already :(

    how was ur best date like?

  • that's the thing, when I go out with a guy one on one basis, spending time with him, and do stuff..I don't know whether we are actually on dates or just friendly hangouts because we are normally very casual and laid back about it, not at all stressful or trying to impress one another, very relaxing, can talk about anything at ease.

    The guy still wants to pay for the food/drinks when we go out, and I'd still offer to pay but he just won't take it, that's all. Perhaps a lot of people seem to think that is a date which I wasn't even aware of.

    I have no complaint about that, just curious/confused about the terms people use nowadays. i just thought they are very blended. That's why I brought up the question.

  • come to think of it, perhaps a guy's view can be different from a girl's point of view...let's hear more from the boys! Tell us what they think a date should be.

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