How to Open PST File on Mac without Outlook?

  • Opening PST files on a Mac without Outlook can be done manually using Apple Mail, but it has some challenges. Here's how:

    Open Apple Mail on your Mac.
    Go to "File" and select "Import Mailboxes."
    Choose "Microsoft Outlook" and click "Next."
    Pick the PST file you want and click "Continue."
    However, doing it manually has some problems. Apple Mail might not handle all Outlook data well, and it can take a lot of time. There's also a risk of losing or damaging your data.

    For an easier and safer solution, you can use Cigati Mac PST Converter. This software helps you convert PST files to Mac-friendly formats like MBOX or EML. It's easy to use, and you won't risk losing your data. Just import the PST file, choose the format you want, and let Cigati PST Converter do the rest. It's a simple and reliable way to open PST files on your Mac without needing Outlook.

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