How do I connect my phone to Singapore Airlines?

  • Do you want to avail of services while flying with Singapore Airlines but need clarification on whether the airline will allow you to do this? You can do it by connecting your phone to Singapore Airlines. For that, you search about How do I connect my phone to Singapore Airlines?, so there are some methods to connect your phone to Singapore Airlines; you can use either the KrisWorld network or the Aeromobile/OnAir network, but you must consider it.

    • To connect to the KrisWorld network:

    • Enable WiFi on your phone.

    • Connect to the "KrisWorld" network.

    • Open a web browser and go to

    • To connect to the Aeromobile/OnAir network:

    • Turn off flight mode on your phone.

    • Enable roaming.

    • Connect to the "Aeromobile" or "OnAir" network.

    • You should receive a welcome message via SMS.

    • To link your phone to your seat:

    • Download the SingaporeAir mobile app.

    • Open the app and go to the "KrisWorld" section.

    • Select the "Connect to seat" icon.

    • Enter your seat number and the 4-digit passcode on your seat monitor.

    Once your phone is connected to the KrisWorld network and linked to your seat, you can use it to control the in-flight entertainment system, browse the internet, and access other digital products.

    Advantages of connecting your phone with Singapore Airlines

    There are many advantages of connecting your phone with Singapore Airlines:

    • Check-in online by downloading your mobile boarding pass will save you time at the airport and allow you to skip the queues.

    • Select your seat and pre-select your meals way you can ensure that you get the seat and meal you want.

    • Browse the KrisWorld digital menu and create your playlist. It will permit you to enjoy your in-flight entertainment even before you step onboard.

    • Receive the latest updates on your flight, having information on your gate number, boarding time, and any potential delays.

    • Singapore Airlines offers in-flight WiFi on most of its flights, so you can stay connected with friends and family, work, or stream your favorite content.

    • Control the KrisWorld entertainment system from your device. It allows you to pause, play, and skip through movies, TV shows, music, and games at your own pace.

    • Receive updates on your baggage; however, if you have checked baggage, you can use the SingaporeAir mobile app to track its status.

    In addition to these advantages, connecting your phone with Singapore Airlines can give you exclusive offers and promotions. For example, KrisFlyer members can use the mobile app to earn and redeem miles, check their mileage balance, and access exclusive offers.

    Connecting your phone with Singapore Airlines can make your travel experience more convenient and enjoyable. It lets you stay informed about your flight, access in-flight entertainment, and connect with friends and family.

    Can I contact a Singapore Airlines agent?

    You can contact Singapore Airlines agents via chat, email, social media, or more. Thus, you will get it by getting through the down things.

    • Take +1 (833) 727-0118* and call the live person,

    • Directly speak with the customer service person,

    • Share your difficulties with them and get prompt help from the live agent.

    Further, if you require any help on How do I connect my phone to Singapore Airlines? or while getting any service, try to contact the person online via chat to obtain an immediate response.

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