Bhardwaj Lake shall provide you with a diverse photogenic

  • Finding a picnic spot in Delhi NCR? Are you people aware of Bhardwaj Lake near Faridabad, a right and calm place to pass your day, it is a hidden spot in Delhi for weekend breaks. Unrestrained Mining of the local sandstone, lime, and Badarpur sand resulted in the formation of the lake. These lakes previously served as substantial open pit mines a few decades ago. The hills next by have been extensively dynamited, creating troughs. These lakes were created through groundwater infiltration and precipitation accumulation. Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary serves as a centre of gravity for Bhardwaj lake. You can easily visit Bhardwaj lake from Aravali International school on the Delhi-Faridabad border. Coming over activities there are a lot of adventure activities a visitor can perform, some are Trekking and Hiking. Trekking through a semi-arid forest across some rocky slopes will give you a beautiful experience of the lake. Bhardwaj lake is 8 kilometres long and takes 3-4 hours to complete a full distance.
    Bhardwaj lake is surrounded by lush greenery, mountains, and lakes that quietly flow.
    This lake is also known as Khooni Lake (the name given by people ) as it has taken the lives of many visitors. Bhardwaj Lake shall provide you with a diverse photogenic experience, you can capture photos of pleasant weather, or water amidst hills, beautiful green forest, or a wildlife refuge. Due to less availability of shops and stores at this one-day picnic spot, kindly bring plenty of snacks, water, and food items with you.

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