5 Gacha Games Designed To Empty Your Wallet

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    For anyone who doesn’t know, gacha games are titles where players spend money to acquire characters, items, and weapons to help them progress in the game. Of course, these characters and weapons are distributed by random chance, so many games are designed to drain every bit of money a player has. In this guide, let’s take a look at 5 Gacha games designed to empty your wallet.

    Honkai Impact 3rd

    Honkai Impact was a major success for miHoYo, which launched in 2017. It features a balance of different types of games, including hack and slash and shoot ’em up stuff, with a consistent story that’s kept people invested for years. People playing Honkai Impact can expect to spend money on premium currency, which can be used to acquire things like a 5-star Valkyrie and, eventually, better weapons and Stigmata. Hitting pity to pull S-Rank characters can cost upwards of $50, and that’s without getting into everything else a player might need or want.

    Raid: Shadow Legends

    Anyone who’s got a favorite YouTuber in the gaming world has seen multiple Raid: Shadow Legends advertisements before. The game is one of the most popular on phones, and to be fair, there are some great elements to it. It’s got a solid battle system and beautiful graphics that could have made for a decent game. But the game is designed to empty a player’s wallet because it constantly asks them to spend money. There’s always a new screen pointing out something else they can buy, whether it’s to get a new weapon or armor or help them compete in the arena. If you want to save money and get anything, you can buy RSL Accounts at U4gm. U4gm offers everything every gamer needs: short delivery time, any preferred payment method, multiple perks, appropriate feedback if necessary, and much more. Also, U4gm has its protection available for all sales, ensuring that Raid Shadow Legends accounts are safe! Whether you’re interested in premium RSL Accounts with the best stats ever or simply a basic account to start fresh, U4gm has what you need at the best prices.

    Dragalia Lost

    Dragalia Lost is an RPG about humans and dragons working together. Cygames made it’s money off massively successful gacha titles like Rage of Bahamut and Granblue Fantasy, so they’re no stranger to milking players hard-earned money from players. The game was originally considered very generous to players but went through a currency nerf that made the game much more tedious for free-to-play players, encouraging people to spend more money.

    Fire Emblem

    Fire Emblem has experienced one of the best glow-ups of any classic game franchise ever. Titles like Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates turned this franchise from relatively unknown to one of Nintendo’s most reliable sellers. So it’s unsurprising that Nintendo decided to turn this franchise into a gacha game with Fire Emblem Heroes, and even less surprising that it made $2.9 million the first day it came out. While Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the better gacha games anyone could play, players will find themselves wanting to spend money on their favorites, especially if they’re looking for a specific meta character.

    Marvel Strike Force

    Marvel Strike Force is a beautiful game with a ton of different characters available to play as and fight against. But it’s a game that’s not afraid of power creep as it introduces new characters. And more importantly, the cosmetics in this game are expensive. For superheroes like Iron Man with his armors or Spider-Man and his costumes, a large part of the fun is in outfitting characters in favorite costumes, but that’s going to get super expensive in Marvel Strike Force.

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