+1-(801)-803-5139 How to change toner on brother printer

  • To change the toner on a Brother printer, follow these steps:

    Open the printer's front cover.
    Locate the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly.
    Remove the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly from the printer.
    Place the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly on a clean, flat surface.
    Press the green lock lever to release the toner cartridge from the drum unit.
    Be careful not to touch the drum rollers during this process, as this can cause print quality problems.
    Remove the empty toner cartridge from the drum unit.
    Unpack the new toner cartridge and remove the protective tape.
    Install the new toner cartridge into the drum unit.
    Listen for the cartridge to click into place.
    Reinstall the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly into the printer.
    Close the printer's front cover.
    Here are additional tips:

    Before changing the toner cartridge, make sure that the printer is turned off and unplugged.
    If you are replacing the drum unit, be sure to reset the drum counter. This can be done by following the instructions in your printer's user manual.
    If you spill toner powder, wipe it up immediately with a dry cloth. Toner powder can be difficult to remove and can damage your printer if it is not cleaned up promptly.
    Dispose of the empty toner cartridge according to your local regulations.
    For specific instructions on how to change the toner cartridge on your Brother printer model, please consult your printer's user manual.

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