How can I contact Google to recover my account?

  • Even since Google has emerged and spread its wings and services to make the lives of users easier as well as entertaining, it has various services that help in day-to-day activities and make them easily accessible. These products include Google Translate, Google Pay, Play, Google Voice, Chat, Photos, Meet, Docs, etc. But what if you have lost your Google account for some reason and now need to recover it? However, for that, you must know the procedures that can help you to recover it. We will discuss all these methods in detail so you can get the account back.

    How to recover your Google account via phone?

    If you have lost your Google account and want to recover it, then the best way is to get it through the phone number. You will be directly connected with the executives and can share your concerns with them. The following procedure will help you get the contact number of Google and talk to the executives instantly:

    Dial the Google account recovery phone number, to connect with a Google support expert.
    You will be entertained with an IVR an automatic voice will be instructing you for the same.
    You have to follow and listen to these instructions carefully and look for your query.
    Press the key that concerns recovering the account, and the representatives will be connected to you.
    You have to provide some of the required details so that they can easily access the account and recover it.

    Can I recover my Google account via email?

    There is another way to get your Google account back, and that is via email. When you make Google Account, they register a recovery email so that it can be used whenever needed. You can use this recovery email, whether it is of your family member or friend, to get your account back. You just have to get through the steps that have been given below to recover your account:

    Get to the Google login option.

    Add the credentials you remember, and when they have been rejected, click on Forgotten password.

    Click on recover via email, and then a confirmation code will be sent to the recover email.

    Get the code from your recovery email address and enter that code.

    The account will be open, and then you can change the password to get away from future difficulties.

    Does Google have security questions to recover the account?

    You can get the account by answering the security question Google has. During the account-making procedure, Google asks you to add security questions that can be answered only by you. These questions are the savior when a situation like recovering the account emerges. Get through the process given below:

    Visit the official Google login page.

    Add your credentials and then click on forgotten password.

    From all the ways, pick security questions, and all the questions will appear on the page.

    Then you have to answer them one after another.

    If answers are correct, you will be able to access your account without any problems.

    For wrong answers, you will be denied access.

    Conclusion: We have gone through all the ways that can help you recover Google account. For further queries, get to the Google Support page.

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