What type of Covid test is required for Qatar Airways?

  • Qatar Airways has led the aviation industry in Covid-19 prevention and management. Qatar Airways cheap flights, the world's #1 airline, has the highest Skytrax international health and safety rating for COVID-19. Receiving a 5-star safety rating.

    To prevent outbreaks, the airline has regulations for passengers. Such as;

    • Wearing masks while travelling.
    • Preventing huge lines by checking in online.
    • Printing your Q-tag for checked baggage at home reduces airport wait times.
    • Book and change flight tickets using the website and mobile app's ‘Manage Booking’ features.
    • Travellers must provide Covid-19-fitness certificates.
    • Aircraft cleaning and maintenance disinfection methods.

    And other similar items.

    What kind of Covid test is required by Qatar Airways?

    Qatar Airways requires all passengers to have a negative Covid-19 PCR test. Without a valid certificate, travellers may be denied boarding.

    Passengers must take the PCR test 72 hours before aeroplane departure and provide documentation.

    You can get tested where?

    Qatar Airways only accepts negative Covid-19 PCR test results from authorised medical institutions and hospitals. The airline's website lists them all, so you may find a testing centre near you.

    Qatar Airways guests receive cheap testing at these recognised institutions. Simply show them your Qatar Airway pre-booked flight ticket and get a discount for testing. Save time and money with Theorfre.

    Do you still need a covid test done in 2023 when travelling with Qatar Airways?

    • You do not need a Covid PCR test if you have a valid vaccination certificate and booster dosage.In some countries, travellers must submit a negative Covid-19 PCR test 72 hours before flight departure. Visit the airline's website for the list.
    • Qatar Airways doesn't require a Covid test for newborns.
    • Most airlines have reduced SOPs for Covid-19 control in 2023, however you should still consult airline authorities for the latest information.
    • Visit the airline's website at https://www.qatarairways.com/en-vn/offers/covid-test.html to view Covid-19 travel requirements by entering your arrival destination.
      oThe airport of departure.
      oTicket type.
    • Qatar Airways' customer care can be reached via phone for travel restriction updates.
    • Never travel with Qatar Airway's through a third-party travel agent without first checking the Covid Travel criteria.

    When ordering a Qatar Airways cheap or expensive ticket, double check the airline's Covid PCR test requirement.

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