Brow Lift-What should I expect? I'm scared

  • I am scheduled for a brow lift in just a few days. I decided to go for it a couple of months back and purposely didn't read much about it. Well, I read some things on the internet tonight and now I'm scared. My doctor is also doing some nasal work to open my nasal passage on the affected side. I'm having both brows done. Insurance is only covering the left side, but we're paying $1900 for the right side. We were told this usually gives better results. I am scheduled for 5 1/2 hours of surgery, but I'm assuming that's more than will be needed. I was told that I can spend the night at the hospital or come home if I'd rather. My doctor said stitches would come out in about a week. He said most people return to work in a week, but I'm a teacher on Christmas break, so I'll have a full two weeks. After reading discussion boards tonight, I'm worried that two weeks won't be enough.

    Please let me know what to expect if you've had these procedures done.

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