How To Obtain Good Madden 24 Ultimate Team Players

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    Madden 24 Ultimate Team allows you to build the teams of your dreams, combining the best players in the same starting XI. However, for many people, these sorts of teams will remain a dream as these players cost a lot of MUT 24 Coins and energy to get. In order to help you build a strong team, here are some tips on obtaining good players and strengthening the MUT 24 roster.

    Try Solo Battles:

    Solo Battles is an offline game mode within the confines of Madden 24 Ultimate Team that will put you one versus one against different player-made squads but controlled by an AI. Once you pick the rival, you will face the AI difficulty to go along with your skill and experience level; you will also receive a boost on points depending on the difficulty level you selected. After each game, you will earn a determined number of points that will help you rank up the leaderboards to obtain rewards, including players, coins, and packs. All these have a chance to let you get quality players.

    Dive In Auctions and Trades:

    The Auction House is probably the best way to get some good players. It has an in-depth search to help you find any player from any set, starting bids, and buy-now prices. Many use this as a way to fill out their Ultimate Team rosters. In addition, with the Madden Auction House, players can sell their player cards and items to collect Madden 24 Coins in profits to build up a bankroll.

    Complete Sets:

    You will get the best cards and packs if you complete the sets; it's a common way to level up the team. You can choose various sets, but the most important thing is that you have cards for this. Cards can be drawn from your collection or Auction House. Remember that when you add a card to a set, it is removed from your MUT 24 roster, so if you want to keep this card, don't add it to the set.

    Focus on Promotional Events:

    Promotional packs are tied to the game's special events, holidays, or promotions. These packs usually offer increased odds of pulling elite players, limited-time collectibles, or unique items. Timing your pack openings during these promotions can significantly enhance your chances of getting valuable cards.

    Buying Packs:

    Whether it's to improve your starting lineup or to bolster your catalog to complete Sets, packs are always required in Ultimate Team to push you through your journey toward getting the best players. Packs go hand-in-hand with that journey, and while some are rewarded for completing specific tasks, the very best is often saved for the Marketplace for you to spend your hard-earned coins or even cold hard cash to buy Madden 24 Coins. However, it's a gamble, and there's no guarantee you'll get a top-tier player. So you need to understand Pack Types, Pack Probabilities, and Open Packs at the Right Time to increase the odds of getting the best player!

    Upgrade Players:

    Last, some of your favorite players can be upgraded. To upgrade players in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, you have to manage them individually. You'll need to select a player you want to upgrade and navigate to the upgrade screen. On the upgrade screen, you can select different levels of upgrade and can see the requirements to do so. Some cards can be upgraded several times, while others can only be upgraded once—usually to unlock the Team Chemistry slot. The new ability slots and an increased rating can take your players to the next level.

    Remember, getting the best players to build a great team in Madden 24 Ultimate Team doesn't happen overnight. It's a combination of strategy, luck, and persistence. Whether you're grinding anything, there's always an opportunity to improve your team.

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