Installation Process Of Wavlink Extender

  • The installation process of the Wavlink WiFi range extender is so easy and simple by pressing the extender WPS button or by the Wavlink default web portal you can easily do the Wavlink extender setup process.

    By WPS Method:
    First, near the power socket place the Wavlink WiFi range extender device. After that, wait to see the solid power LED. Now, press the WPS button on both the router and extender. Further, the WPS LED starts flashing solid on both extender and router gadgets. As it means the extender and router are successfully connected to each other.

    By Wavlink Default Web Portal
    With the help of the Wavlink default web portal, you will arrive at the Wavlink web management page and then fill in all the details which are shown on the web management page. After that, tap on the wizard option and later pick the network that you want to extend. Later, fill in the details and click on connect option. In the end, the extender is successfully configured and a message will come up on the computer display.

    With the help of the two above methods, the Wavlink extender setup process is completely done now.

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