Messi's outstanding performance in the competition has made him on the global hot search list!

  • In the North American League Cup 1/8 final, Messi won the game with an outstanding performance of scoring four goals alone, advanced to the final, and eliminated the opponent 9-7 in the penalty shootout. This competition quickly became a hot topic on global social media, with Messi's name receiving 420000 searches in a short period of time, ranking first on the global search list.
    As a signed player for Adidas, Messi has received praise from Adidas football officials. Adi Football officially praised Messi's performance with English homophones, expressing surprise at him scoring four goals and equalizing the score, while once again affirming Messi's position as the best player in history.
    ESPN Football's official summary summarizes Messi's impressive performance in the past four games: winning a free kick against Blue Cross, scoring two goals against Atlanta United, scoring two goals against Orlando City, and scoring two goals against Dallas Football Club. This game is really exciting!

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