Swaraj 735 Price in India - Tractorgyan

  • The Swaraj 735 tractor is produced by Mahindra & Mahindra's Swaraj division. A water-cooled, 3-cylinder direct injection engine with a top speed of 2400 rpm and a maximum output of 35 horsepower powers the vehicle. The Swaraj 735 is a multipurpose tractor that can be utilised in both construction and agricultural settings. It has a wide turning radius and can easily fit into small areas because to its 2200 mm wheelbase. It also incorporates a differential lock, which helps it maintain grip on slick terrain like dirt and slopes. The Swaraj 735 is more versatile and suitable for a range of applications thanks to its optional 5-speed gearbox. It has a seat belt, a rollover protection system, and an operator presence control system, among other safety measures. The Swaraj 735 tractor is a powerful, dependable, and fuel-effective tool that can handle a range of tasks.

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