helicopter for wedding

  • A helicopter ride might be a once-in-a-lifetime, one of its kind experience that might give you
    goosebumps throughout your life. Make this captivating gift an add-on to your wedding!
    Experience the thrill of flight with the flavor of a luxury wedding. Visualize it as a scenic flight
    or remarkable excursion; on board a state-of-the-art copter that offers a truly unique
    perspective on Indian natural beauty. We offer a conveniently located on-site helipad, making
    your aerial wedding tour a seamless experience.

    What are the features of a helicopter for a wedding ceremony?
    We have new generation helicopters that embrace the latest technology. These have a main
    blade rotor system offering added noise reduction and stability in flight. These have wide cabin
    space enabling excellent visibility. Additionally, these also have fully air-conditioned noise-
    cancelling headsets and leather interior trim. These are aligned with crash-worthy energy-
    absorbent seats and crash-resistant fuel systems for added safety. These offer luggage capacity
    for up to our large soft suitcases. The total permissible weight onboard is 325 Kg and a
    maximum of 4 passengers may onboard each helicopter.

    Additional Features for a Chartered Helicopter Flight
    ● Fully air-conditioned aircraft with noise-cancelling headsets and leather interior trim
    ● Seats with excellent leg space
    ● Twin engine aircraft equipped with autopilot
    ● Authorized to fly in and out of the city of your choice (within India).
    ● Capability to convert the aircraft for a cargo flight
    ● Music on board
    ● Each seat offers views from their dedicated window
    ● Luggage capacity for up to four large soft suitcases

    Why Book A Helicopter for Marriage Instead of A Car?
    The question sounds ridiculous, but there are points to decipher. Booking a helicopter for rent
    for a wedding or honeymoon is turning out to be a lucrative idea for extra adventurous people
    who wish to treasure memories for their coming generations. Helicopter packages for wedding
    ceremonies include mountain views, city sightseeing, photography tours and filming in front of
    the helicopter. Newlywed couples or couples to be can cut cakes, exchange rings with a

    helicopter in the backdrop, or even tie knots and exchange garlands when the helicopter is high
    up in the sky.

    What is the private jet and helicopter rent for the wedding ceremony?
    Hiring a helicopter for one day in India costs up to 2.6 lakhs for one round trip. But certain
    companies offer a seat in a chopper for as low as Rs 12,000 for inter-city weddings.

    How to book a business helicopter for marriage?
    Booking a helicopter in India is easy and accessible due to vibrant terrains, presence of
    helipads, airstrips and promiscuous approach. Booking can be done on a phone call or in-person
    office visit. One can charter flights to all connected destinations across Rajasthan/India.
    The other way to inquire and the book is via forms available by helicopter charter companies.

    The standard forms require you to fill in such details:
    ● Flight boarding source and destination
    ● Date of wedding
    ● Number of passengers
    ● Full name of passengers
    ● Mobile number including country code
    ● Email of the person booking the service
    ● Address of the person
    ● Nationality of the people according to the passport
    ● Hotel category (5-star, 4-star, 3-star, No need for hotel)
    ● Tour starting and ending airport/helipad

    How does a Fee Cancellation policy go about?
    As a tourist, you might avail book now and pay later facility. The price range of a trip or a
    ceremony by helicopter might differ depending n the variable location, destination to be
    reached and the number of people on the flight. Travel and tour agencies might offer free
    cancellation as well if you choose to cancel the reservation within 24 hours of booking in
    advance. In other cases, cancellations can be done 24 hours in advance of the start date of the
    experience and receive a full refund.

    Let’s Begin: Looking at the Big Picture
    An engaged couple is on a roller coaster of emotions, completely withdrawn from the material
    world. Their wedding day brings those ecstatic moments on which before they crest a tall peak,
    the cart stalls and suddenly they feel a rush of emotions before taking a final plunge as the bride and the groom prepare themselves to experience a gamut of emotions, planning for that
    day can actually catch them off guard. In the midst of doubt, pre-wedding jitters, anxiety,
    anger, overwhelming relatives, love, and dress rehearsal – they need a good night’s sleep, happy
    thoughts, relaxation, eating on time and remembering the big picture. A helicopter ride on their
    wedding day can help them get together and simply look forward to the final outcome. Chances
    are, they can solve any potential problem amicably as if it never existed in the first place.
    But why restrict yourself to just a wedding, plan a helicopter ride for honeymoon, anniversary,
    or even baby shower? Trust reliable service providers like Blue Dot Trip to manage your
    helicopter bookings easily. Discuss your requirements and we can arrange a car to reach the
    helipad, taking you to the hotel, scenic flights for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and sunset or sunrise
    flight with champagne on board. What’s more, you can combine an unforgettable beach picnic
    or lakeside view with thrilling hikes on the silhouette. Visit remote and hard-to-access areas,
    where you feel sure as if the entire place is resting for you. Speak to a member of our guest
    services about organizing a picnic basket before your departure.

    [The blue dot trip](https://www.bluedottrip.com/![alt text](image url)) offers a breathtaking adventure, a birds-eye view and an unforgettable scenic
    route. Our team can arrange travel by helicopter or private plane. We are based in India and
    are happy to help you plan your wedding on air. We can book your ferry tickets, hotels, airport
    transfers, helicopter tours and excursions. Choose from our wide range of Helicopter tours and
    send us a request with your preference. We will organize everything for you. It’s the ideal way
    of bringing together the elements of adventure and discovery for you and your family. We are
    based in India. So best to book with us!

    helicopter for wedding

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