Clinical SAS Programming course near me | Proc Format in Clinical SAS

  • Proc format is important tools which are mostly used in clinical SAS coz naming conventions are too much as per SDTM and ADAM specification.
    Proc format is different from format and in format options. Proc format means user defined format or some guidelines format. We prefer to show the analysed data in different format but original data format is other words it is easily explain by original data format changed into user defined format.
    Proc format is 4 types

    1. Character to character
      Example Male to M
      • Character to numeric
      Example Male to 1
      • Numeric to character
      Example 10-11 to young
      • Numeric to numeric
      Example= 10-11 to 1
      Character variables datasets are always enclosed with single or double quote because it is case sensitive. If you have characters in left side during proc format always used the dollar sign and also creating the format values statements are used.

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