How to support to your daily life consumption

  • Sustainable Living Week is observed during the second week of February. This year's edition of the project, which is sponsored by KCLSU, focuses on Sustainable Development Goal #12 - Responsible Consumption and Production, and offers a wide range of events and workshops to assist us in making more environmentally friendly daily decisions. You can use the helpful advice in this piece to help you achieve your objective.
    Make informed decisions when deciding how to get around. You can support SDG12 by using environmentally friendly forms of transportation like walking, biking, and public transportation. Another action you can take to lessen your carbon footprint is to minimise how frequently you fly or drive.
    In addition to the natural resource pollution caused by dyes and other chemicals used in the production process, the fashion industry also makes a substantial contribution to atmospheric emissions. This is the reason we should consider our purchases carefully before making them. Beyond just reducing the amount of clothing we buy, making conscious decisions to rent, trade, or purchase used clothing all contribute to SDG12. A easy strategy to encourage ethical consumerism is to shop for fashion by reusing, renting, and purchasing previously owned items. Visit one of our Sustainability Week events if you'd want to learn more about these concepts and support sustainable fashion:
    Student-friendly prices on pre-owned clothing are offered by TVC Vintage, which will host a pop-up market at Guy's Campus, close to The Shed, the following week. Go no farther for high-quality apparel with everything under £20! See more here! Visit Business Ethics Assignment Help
    With the clothes rental service provided by One Wear Freedom, "one wear" products like dresses can be rented just once and then worn again by others. Also, the first article of clothing you rent is free!
    dietary practises
    The production of meat and dairy products is another sector that has a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions. You may lessen your carbon footprint and demonstrate commitment to responsible consumption and production by consuming fewer of these products. This might be as simple as switching to oat milk or opting to eat vegetarian one day a week!

    The delicious oat milk products from Minor Figures, a sustainable coffee company, will be available on campus the following week, along with an exciting giveaway of their Nitro Latte Cans

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