Embrace the Beauty of Extraordinary Yellow sapphire

  • Growing up, we all were curious and fascinated by many things around us; for most, it is the beauty that catches the eye. One such beautiful gem that has caught people's eye around the globe is the Yellow sapphire stone. It is the most popular stone worldwide and ushers prosperity, health, and wealth.

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    Yellow sapphire holds high esteem in Vedic astrology and is one of the most attractive stones among the navratnas, and is ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter. Its golden color makes it one of the most auspicious jewelry worldwide.
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    Metaphysical Properties of the Yellow sapphire

    The metaphysical properties make yellow sapphire a stone of wisdom, knowledge, power, and creative ideas, releasing fear and procrastination. In Hindi, it is called Peela Pukhraj, and its healing properties are appreciated worldwide. This gemstone works great on the throat chakra.

    Where is Yellow sapphire found?

    The best quality pukhraj is found in Sri Lanka, where it is called Pushparaga and is the primary gemstone producer. Other countries where this stone originates from are Kashmir in India, Madagascar, Tanzania, Thailand, Kenya, Australia, Myanmar, and the USA.

    This precious stone consists of corundum and is tinged with slight traces of iron, which is the cause of the yellow hue. Yellow pukhraj is typically found in alluvial deposits and igneous rocks. It measures nine on the Mohs scale, making it an extremely hard stone that cannot be scratched even by steel; only a diamond can scratch it. Because of its hardness, it is widely used for industrial uses, including lasers, solid-state electronic devices, and electronic wristwatches.

    Yellow sapphire color

    Yellow sapphire can be opaque or transparent, depending on the color. It varies in shades of yellow to golden and, at times, orange. The lemon-yellow color is valued most; its properties are displaced in the sparkle and may show different colors if viewed from different angles. Yellow sapphires can be heat treated, diffused with beryllium, or preserved to enhance their yellow color. Thus, the naturally occurring yellow sapphire is most valuable for the astrology connection.

    A little more about yellow sapphire

    According to history, yellow sapphire has long held the admiration and wonder of all kinds of people, from travelers and explorers to kings and queens. In India, yellow sapphire has been patronized by priests, gurus, and healers, as it aids in connection with the spiritual self.

    It has been used mainly to make attractive jewelry due to its hardness; it is remarkable and close to that of a diamond. Therefore, it is a delight for jewelers to carve cut gemstones of various kinds. When cut and carved, natural yellow sapphire gives the gemstone shine and glitter and is valued as a precious stone. No wonder rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets have been used worldwide.

    Also called the ‘wisdom stone,’ it is the November birthstone, along with Citrine and Yellow Topaz gemstones. It is connected to the planet Jupiter, known as Guru; in Hindu mythology, it is the giver of knowledge and wisdom. Ruled by Jupiter, this gemstone propels a person towards happiness and fulfillment through wisdom.

    Yellow Sapphire stone benefits

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    The benefits include metaphysical properties, healing properties, health, and astrological benefits. Apart from these it also has:

    1 Yellow Sapphire brings financial prosperity, good fortune, name, and abundance, which makes it one of the favorite gemstones to wear.
    2 It bestows knowledge and wisdom while boosting intelligence, mental acuity, and comprehension.
    3 Wearing yellow sapphire helps achieve professional and academic goals and puts thoughts into action by directing the correct decisions.
    4 The metaphysical properties include contributing to clear communication problems by acting on the throat chakra.
    5 Further, it is known to have many health benefits related to the throat, mouth, and lungs, and it is also said to be effective for kidney disease.
    6 Wearing the gemstone helps boost energy, vitality, and blood circulation.
    7 It calms the mind and helps to reduce anger.
    8 Enhancing artistic and creative skills, yellow sapphire is a desirable stone for individuals in creative fields.
    9 It works great for pregnant women, ensures safe delivery, and is known to protect from miscarriage.
    10It is also beneficial for those who want to connect to the spiritual world, and wearing this gemstone has proved to be an important metaphysical property.

    The biggest advantage is that wearing yellow sapphire gemstones has no side effects. Pukhraj can be worn without any negative side effects, and it is considered a safe stone to wear, per the experts.

    Some disadvantages may be because of the gemstone's flaws, so it is advised to check the gemstone properly before buying it. Below are the things to be aware of:

    1 One should not wear gemstones with cracks as it is inauspicious. It is said that the craft might result in the theft of something of value.
    2 Please do not wear a stone with spots of red, black, or white color in it, as different spots affect adversely, and may bring sorrowful situations, etc.
    3 If the yellow sapphire is milky inside, it is better not to buy the stone.
    4 Yellow stones are unsymmetrical and rough to touch and are said to bring in ill luck.

    How to identify the original yellow sapphire

    Real yellow sapphire is one of the hardest known minerals; it can’t be scratched, even by steel, and scraped only by diamond, which is a good way to test the diamond.
    If placed near the milk for an entire day, it will show no color change.

    Only a gem expert can guide you about the proper gemstone-wearing method. While wearing, it needs to be purified first and worn later.

    Do the purification when wearing it after having a bath in the morning. Soak the ring in the mixture of milk and basil leaves for an hour or so. Please take out the mixture and dab it with a clean, soft cloth.


    Yellow sapphires are beautiful gemstones; if you are keen to wear this gemstone, look for a trustworthy online gemstone retailer like Navratan gems. That way, you will get a certified natural yellow sapphire.


    How much does the yellow sapphire cost?

    Depending on the overall quality, one carat can cost Rs 12,000 to 20100 in the market, whereas a Burmese yellow sapphire is available at Rs 25,000 per carat.

    How much is the price of yellow sapphire in the USA?

    Yellow sapphires per carat in the USA range from $25 per carat to over $11,000 per carat. The most expensive sapphire is sold on record costing $135,000 per carat.

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