What precautions should be taken while wearing Blue Sapphire?

  • As the Blue Sapphire gemstone is related to the mighty planet Saturn, also known as Shani, it can affect the life of the wearer in both positive and negative manner according to how it is worn. This highly auspicious stone should only be worn either in the evening prior to sunset or on Saturday morning, as Saturday is known to be the day of Lord Shani. Also, according to astrologers, the weight of the Blue Sapphire stone should equal 1/5th of the weight of the wearer.

    Blue Sapphires should be utilized along with silver, panchdhatu, gold and platinum to get better results, and the stone should stay in touch with the wearer's skin so that its intense metaphysical properties can reach the wearer. Also, as per astrology, the middle finger has a connection with Shani; hence it is the most suited finger for wearing Blue Sapphire gemstones.
    Choosing an authentic Blue Sapphire is necessary for the wearers as it may lead to bad consequences for them. This can be dealt with by only purchasing certified blue sapphires from reliable gemstone dealers such as Navratan, the online gem bazaar. Also, after purchasing Blue Sapphire gemstone, it should be cleansed of impurities by using Ganga water or unboiled milk.

    Wearing the Blue Sapphire gemstone for the first time also requires reciting the mantra "Om Shan Shanishcharay Namah" while wearing the Blue Sapphire stone on the middle finger. Generally, astrologers recommend the possessors keep their stones under their pillows while sleeping so as to check whether the stone suits them or not. As if the stone doesn't suit the wearer, then the wearer will experience bad dreams. The timespan for which a Blue Sapphire gemstone works astrologically is 4 years, after which it should be shown to any astrologer to ask whether it can still be used or not.

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