How do I get loan from the bank for my start up idea?

  • It’s difficult, because you have mo equity that the bank can recover on in case you default. Start-ups generally need to depend on investments from the founder or friends. Depending the strength of you business idea the situation varies. You can take your idea to one of the many Small Business Development Centers around the country (US). There is no charge and the resources (people) there are knowledgeable.

  • Hi. I've had quite a few problems with credit before, since I'm not a citizen of the country I'm in now. Just recently I tried to get a loan from one company again, but they turned me down because I didn't have a residence registration and other documents. I got frustrated, but I didn't give up. I was attracted to the company americor reviews reddit. I was able to get a loan from this company, because they did not require any special documents. I got the money, but to be honest with you, I do not know how to pay them back. It seems to me that I will have problems.

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