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    Write a descriptive essay
    The descriptive essay does not focus on one topic. Instead, they describe historical/biographical events or explain processes. The purpose of a descriptive essay is to describe a person, place, or subject in enough detail that the reader can understand what you wrote. Use imagination, interesting similes, and images that engage the senses.

    Things to remember about essay essays:

    1. Makes a clearly impressive impression. For example, if you are describing a waterfall, tell the reader whether it is beautiful or scary. You can't have both to make a dominant impression.
    2. Your essay can be objective or subjective. For example, an objective description of a cat would include size, weight, color, etc. A subjective description will include the above details, but will also emphasize the author's feelings about the cat, as well as its character and habits.
    3. The goal of a descriptive essay is to hold the reader's interest long enough to help him visualize the things being described.

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    Using the five senses as a guide, descriptive essays describe the sight, sound, smell, taste, and feel of a particular experience. The most important thing in descriptive essays is to make the experience so real that you can almost smell the crickets and taste the watermelon at a summer picnic or hear the waves crashing around you as you sunbathe. You burn your skin and smell the salt. fresh day on the beach. Bright works should delight and stimulate all the senses (usually we focus on sight, so we will pay special attention to the other senses as well). An important feature is descriptive practice; Teachers often ask writers to "show without telling" the details of a particular situation, and the most effective way to "show" is through descriptive writing. Descriptive essays can be written just for the pleasure of sharing details, or descriptive aspects can be added to diversify other genres of writing, such as creating an effective narrative structure or combining story, sensory details with plot or analysis.

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