Does getting a tattoo really hurt?

  • It depends from person to person and where you get it. The closer to the bone your tattoo is, the more it usually hurts. I only have one tattoo, and I got it recently. (Christmas Eve) (Tattoo provided below)

    Closer to my biceps, it didn’t hurt at all. It kind of feels like a dulled beesting, or if you’ve ever had piercings, it just feels like you’re being pierced over and over. It really isn’t that bad. Closer to my armpit area and collarbone hurt more during the linework, but it was tolerable for me.

  • Hello! When you get a tattoo and apply a pain cream before you get a tattoo, you may feel a slight tingling or gradual loss of sensitivity in the affected area. About 20-25 minutes after the first application, most anesthetic creams reach their full effect. Your skin will become almost completely numb.

  • I've always wondered how bad tattoos are for my skin? Can anyone share their experience with tattooing?

  • Tattoos are becoming more and more popular right now.

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