Are you studying mathematics?

  • I was so passionate about math at uni that I even decided to study it further as a science. I got interested and I hope I can do it. Are you a math major?

  • God, why is this math everywhere? I have always disliked this subject and will never dislike it. It seems to me that those who understand it are not people, but some robots with programmed brains. Don't you agree with me? I've never done my own homework on it. I always looked for sites like Ohhaskme and others that helped me with my homework. It was very convenient.

  • Oh... I agree with you. I can't stand math. I'm more of a creative person and when I studied, I leaned towards the humanities.

  • I chose to study mathematics because I always loved math and was good at it, but when I went to university and took my first few courses in mathematics, I realized that the subject had more depth than what my high school teacher had told me. It was not just numbers on a page, but an interesting field with many applications in the real world.

    Math can be hard, especially when you're trying to learn it on your own. Stemfixer be your math helper anytime of the day.

  • Hi, friend. I perfectly understand your condition, I also never liked mathematics, because I always used different programs, websites and other tricks, just not to do my homework. Most of the time I've used the math grade 4 help to explain how to do my math homework. I hope you find the information above helpful.

  • 2 people agreed to meet at some time between 3:00p.m. and 4:00p.m. they will wait for the other party for at most 10 mins. What is the probability of they meet each other?

    How about in the cases when 3 and 4 people plan to meet in the same setting? .

  • Thank you for your recommendations! As a teacher, I am very interested in unselfishly helping other students to get them interested in learning the subject. Maybe someone here can tell me how I can do that?

  • Yes, I can recommend you use storyboard maker to share information on your subject, you can create here, it's a pretty creative way to teach kids and adults and might interest a lot of students, so it's a pretty good option if you really just want to help.

  • If your struggling to score best grades in your mathematics exams so hire do my class for me they have mathematics expert.

  • Frankly speaking, math is not my subject. From my entire childhood, I was amazed by writing then it turned into my current job at As a result, now I have the desired job and can help other people to get the best job ever. You can contact me in case you need some sort of resume improvement.

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