The Benefits Of Giving An Online Presentation

  • Presentation skills are essential to learn if you want to excel in your career or as an entrepreneur. There are many situations that will require you to share your expertise or viewpoints on a topic which is why you must master the skill of public speaking.

    If you will be required to give a sales or training presentation to a group of people who are physically very far away, then creating a online presentation may be the best way for you to do this without having to constantly fly all over the country.

    How can you create a online presentation that can help you connect with people physically distant from you? Well, the most common way of doing this is via a PowerPoint presentation. You can create a PowerPoint presentation that will serve as the basis for your sales pitch or training module, and distribute it to your audience in advance of the training session. You would then want to set up a date and time for a conference call, so that all of the members of your audience can have an opportunity to listen to you speak while viewing the online presentation that you have constructed and sent to them.

    Many business experts suggest that there are several advantages to using an online presentation. One of the greatest advantages, as we have already discussed, is that you can quickly connect with people from several cities or even several states without requiring people to travel in order to participate in the presentation. You will simply need to set a convenient time when all of the participants can meet via telephone so that you can online speech while going through the PowerPoint slides.

    "Another advantage is that each individual participant has the ability to toggle back and forth among the slides on their own" suggest Dan Smith of Keynote Speaker. This way, if they participant needs a little more time to review a slide, or realizes three or four slides later that she had a question one a slide you have already covered, it will be very easy for everyone involved in the discussions to flip back to that slide so that a point may be clarified or expounded upon. The people that do not feel that they would benefit from the clarification can spend that time concentrating on other materials contained within the slides.

    A third advantage of using a online presentation is that it is substantially less expensive to administer than a physical presentation. "You wont need to print out materials to distribute; you wont need to rent a meeting room to conduct your presentation; and you wont need to worry about serving coffee or refreshments to your clients during the presentation" suggests John Rogan of Motivational Speaker. The only real costs associated with giving an online-based online presentation is the subscription costs associated with setting up the conference call. If your company already participates in a conference call service such as Call-Wave, then you will probably not even incur any additional costs for conducting the conference call. Even the distribution of the PowerPoint presentation wont really cost you anything, since this can quickly and easily be done via email.

    A online presentation can be an easy, inexpensive and convenient way to get people together for a meeting so that you can go over sales or training materials. Your clients will appreciate the convenience of not having to leave their offices to participate, and you will enjoy the convenience of not having to jump on a plane every morning to get to your next presentation. In a recent study conducted by Motivation Ping, they found that many business and academic organizations prefer online presentations.

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