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    Harry Kane disappointed his country's fans when they lost against Italy in the Euro final at England's Wembley Stadium in July last year. But a year later, fans did not have to return empty-handed from Wembley to the final of the Women's Euros. Chloe Kelly burst into jubilation after scoring the winning goal against the German girls, throwing her jersey in the air. The festival spread throughout the city including the stadium galleries. English fans rejoiced in Eid.

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    However, their celebration started in the semi-finals. On July 27, England's girls entered the final after defeating Sweden by a big margin of 4-0 in the last four match. Team defender Lucchi Bronze also joined the goal celebration. Assisted a teammate in addition to scoring a goal himself.
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    The owner of a pizza shop in Headingley was excited by his performance. America's famous pizza brand 'Domino's Pizza' changed the name of the shop to Lucci's. At the same time, he announced that anyone named Lucci can eat pizza here for free. However, at that time he had limited such offer till the final of the season.

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    But the question is, the entire England team has shown extraordinary skill in the Euros. But why is the shop owner so excited about only Luchi? The incident was a century ago. Lucci was a student at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2010. At that time he was working in the Domino's Pizza shop in Headingley. After passing that life, in the later period, he went out on the football field. Matiye of Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City is now playing in the Spanish club Barcelona.

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    On the other hand, he overcame England's age group and made it to the main team in 2013. After 9 years in the jersey of Three Lions, he witnessed a unique history. After winning the FIFA World Cup in 1966, England had not won another major trophy for 56 years. He regretted it by coming in 2022. The owner of the pizza shop recognized the contribution of the old worker in a different way.

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