How can I roll back old NVIDIA Drvers?

  • Witnessing technical problems is common and so users keep on witnessing technical snags and so they put up questions like how to rollback NVIDIA Driver Windows 7, you can go through the steps and so you will be able to troubleshoot the problems without any fuss. Just check out the steps and so you will find out the solutions.
    First of all, you must move to the device manager
    Then, you are required to expand the display adapters
    Then, you must right click on your NVIDIA Adapter which is under this category
    Then, you should click on properties and then you should click on the driver tab
    Now, in the driver tab, and then click Roll back driver and if the confirmation dialog comes up, you should click on yes to confirm to rollback
    Once you do follow and apply few important instructions, you will be able to find out how to rollback to previous NVIDIA driver?

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