Paladins tier list

  • Hello folks I as of late begun playing paladins and was pondering what characters were really usable as I've understood a few characters appear to be a whole lot more fragile.

    If it's not too much trouble, post a few characters underneath who you believe are either top level or simple for fledglings to get and do well with.

    Much obliged to you all!

  • Hi Sophie9, Paladins tier list has some really cool characters like Androxus. Androxus who is the Godslayer, and his quick-paced mobility-based playstyle, along with his flanking capacity make him one of the best and most vital characters in the game. The damage he can cause is really great, despite having a huge amount of mobility, You can say that he is an all-rounded champion who is good at everything and can deal with stuff at its best. Learn a lot more by going to this link now. Another one is Koga which has more than a single stance, which allows him to swap capabilities very easily. His major dual SMG weapons, and his crazy mobility and movement speed can come up with one of the best aggressive pushers and quiet flankers in the game. He’s so quick, even his capability doesn’t need to relax and put at ease.

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