Tibet Prayer Wheel Types

  • The Prayer Wheel is also known as the Mani Wheel, the cylindrical wheel, or the Row installations at the monasteries. It is related to the eight-character mantra and the six-character mantra (the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum).
    The Tibetan prayer wheel can be large or small, and the small one can be held in the hand. This kind of hand prayer wheel is also called the hand-held Mani wheel, which is made from gold, silver, copper, etc., and there are also several types of large, medium, and small. The main body of the hand prayer wheel is cylindrical, with a shaft in the middle for rotation. Not only is the cylinder engraved with the six-character mantra of Tibetan Buddhism, but the middle of the cylinder also contains a mantra. The prayer wheels are generally made exquisitely. In addition to the engraved sutra and patterns of animals, with a certain symbolic meaning, they are also painted in color, just like handicrafts. Some prayer wheels are also inlaid with corals, gems, etc., which add value beyond their religious functions. There's an ear hole next to the hand prayer wheel, and a small sinker is attached. When the handle under the cylinder is turned, the small sinker also moves and accelerates the rotation of the prayer wheel by inertia. With the rapid rotation of the prayer wheel, the person who turns the prayer believes that his merits are also accumulating rapidly.

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