How i fixed my hp 3520 printer?

  • I have a brand-new black ink cartridge for my HP Deskject 3520 that prints absolutely nothing. I did the HP deskjet 3520 setup by following the steps from here.
    Ink level indicator shows cartridge is at least 80% full.
    --I have run regular and deep clean on the printerhead. Both times, the color cartidges printed small rectangles at one edge of the page; there is no black ink on the cleaning print.
    --I have checked and cleaned the contact points and the vents on all the cartridges.
    --I have run a partial reset on the printer and rebooted.
    --I have used a paper clip to hit the reset button on the bottom of the cartridge.
    --I have printed an alignment page that shows red, blue, yellow, but no black.
    Absolutely no black ink on the page. What fixed the issue was connecting my hp deskjet 3520 to wifi. The establishment of printer wirelessly fixed the issue for me.

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