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  • 寶時管理公司, 專業的商務服務, 及專業網頁設計提供網站設計雲端管理

    Our Local and Expat Financial Business Services:
    OFFSHORE, HK & MACAU Companies Setup (HK$7800up)
    Bank Account in ONE DAY

    *Nominee Services
    *Business Advice & Bank A/C Opening
    *Offshore Banking License, Trust, Foundation And Financial License
    *Existing Company + Bank Account
    *HK Company Setup, BVI Company Setup, Macau Company Setup
    *General Insurance service advice
    *Remittance Advice

    Related Business Services including:-
    Mail Forwarding Services
    Voicemail Services
    Bank Account Opening Services
    Reinvoicing transfer of L/Cs
    Nominee Services

    TreasureTime in web design, ecommerce Services:

    Treasure Time in web design is a best website design firm located in Hong Kong & Macau. Professional webdesign & Printing services|Advice for expats in HK, Macau.
    We have over 15 years of experience in digital design, we specialized in Web design & web programming. We support Hong Kong Macau Mainl and Japan Business
    Services: award-winning best web design & agency in HK , award Macau government best web design.
    Web & Mobile version Development Team in Hong Kong & Asia, Highlights: Specialized In Digital Website Solutions | print services. For Businesses, Provide Training Programs, Work With Multiple Corporations.
    Our digital agency designers and developer specialise in web development & designing & programming.
    We also provide WeChat public account services application & development, clients from various countries Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Europe, Amsterdam, Australia
    Well known webdesign firm Established since 2005, our IT & web solutions now specialized in many different industries such as automobile, fashion, telecom, entertainment, Model Management and event management, retail, education, online webportal, wedding, finance and various industries.

    We focus serveral types of web programming:
    A. Standard to tailor-made website included functional type, customization each function and API web connection different kind of database gateway development.
    B. Programming language well familiar in asp, aspx, Java, jsp, AJAX, HTML, HTML5, wordpress, API Solution, web connection to complex database systems.
    WeChat public account apply and development. Wordpress install and setup management.
    C. One-stop services for server & web hosting management, enterprise grade email services, domain subscription and management.

    Contact us:
    Mr. Gary Wong (Hong Kong)
    Tel: +852 25477910
    WeChat ID: goldsil

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