How To Increase Your Internet Speed

  • When it comes to the Internet, the need for speed is real. It's frustrating waiting for a document to load, dealing with a lagging game, or taking hours to upload a video. How can you increase your internet speed? Well, there are a ton of things you can try, but the one that stands out will be the switching of best tv internet deals from your internet service provider.

    How To Test Your Internet For Speed

    Before trying to increase your speed, check to see what speed you are actually getting. Your ISP may have a website where you can check your speed, or if you call and speak to the tech/repair department, they can often do a remote speed test for you. There are also numerous websites like Fast that offer free speed tests. Results may vary, so you may want to try a few for an average performance. If the speed is slower than what you're paying for, then you should take steps to increase it. On the other hand, if the speed is the maximum stated, you should call your ISP to increase your speed or consider working with a new internet service provider company and go for their best tv internet bundles to have the high-speed internet.

    Advantages Of Connecting Your Computer To The Modem

    When testing your speed, bear in mind that wireless connections never reach full speed Expect wireless connections to get about 75% of the total available bandwidth, for example, if you pay 10 Mbps, you can get only about 7.5 Mbps from a wireless connection. Some Ethernet cables can solve this problem. Connect desktops, game consoles, and similar devices to access the maximum speeds of your modem.

    Where To Place Your Modem

    Your modem must be positioned correctly to get the signal to the rest of the house, place it in a central position and try to avoid walls of brick or metal between the modem and the electronics you want to use. If your modem has an antenna, make sure it is up and try placing the modem in an elevated position such as a table, the top of a shelf, or even above the frame of a door.

    When To Buy A Router

    In many cases, the modem you buy or rent from your ISP works fine, but in some cases, you may want to upgrade to a router. A router basically serves the same purpose as a modem but offers more features. Choose a router with two or three channels. When all of your devices aren't trying to use the same channel, they tend to perform faster.

    Extenders Work

    Range extenders can help increase speed, especially if you live in a large home. These devices take a wireless signal from your modem or router and relay it, and then your devices can receive that signal. Range extenders offer about half the speed of your modem, but they are a great way to get up to speed on the top floor, basement, or garage of your home.
    Finally, make sure your network is secure; if strangers connect to you and use your internet, it will also slow down your speed. If you've taken all of these steps and your internet is still not fast enough, it's time to think about a new provider. We can help you get the best deal online, by phone, cable TV, etc. Call us today.

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