How do I fix McAfee installation error: Error code 0

  • When you think of installing one of the McAfee products on your device and suddenly what you see is you are unable to install it due to certain unknown reasons. The issue is usually accompanied with an error message which tells you that you cannot install the software any longer or something has went wrong during the installation process.
    However, you may easily get rid of the issue by following some workarounds.
    Workarounds to fix the issue

    1. Use McAfee pre-install tool
      Well, I would suggest you to download and use McAfee pre-install tool. The said tool prepares your device for the installation and also lets you know what is needed for the uninterrupted installation.
    2. Try to reinstall the software
      Other than this, if you do not wish to download the tool, then you may give it another try by navigating to But, prior to that, make sure you remove the junk files and files from the cache memory of your device.
    3. Use a different browser
      Sometimes, the root cause of the installation issue is the settings of the web browser you are trying to install from. In this scenario, you may try switching to another web browser.
    4. Temporarily disable the firewall
      If you have activated a firewall on your device and restricted certain programs to download, then you may turn off the firewall temporarily and try again later.
    5. Fix issue with the DNS
      Last but not the least you may try changing the DND settings of your device as this may help you in getting rid of the issue. Sometimes, it is too slow and restricts the installation of the software.
      Hence, if you wish to install McAfee security solution without any interruption, then you may consider following these workarounds so that you do not come across the same error again.

  • McAfee antivirus is the most trusted and used antivirus software all over the world. It’s also one of the first software used to protect users from cyber threats. However, it takes a lot of time sometimes to activate this amazing antivirus on your device. If you are also facing this problem, then we’ll share with you few steps that will help you activate this amazing antivirus software on your computer in no time.

    Open Your Subscription on your McAfee software.

    While you click on the Edit Profile option, you will be taken to the www mcafee com activate.

    Now first on the website, enter your Email Address and click NEXT.

    Next, choose a Strong Password which should include at least eight lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols in it and again click NEXT.

    Yay! Your McAfee Account has been Created & Activated successfully.

    The first thing you should know is that McAfee has live chat support available on their website. This means that they have someone ready to help answer questions and resolve issues. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to help with any issues that may arise.

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