W cellar 紅酒批發專家, 提供網上買酒

  • W CELLAR是一家香港紅酒批發商和零售商,為香港本地的餐飲行業帶來了鮮明的色彩。 W CELLAR代表了全球優質葡萄酒,由我們的優良葡萄酒專家精心挑選。 我們特別熱衷於幫助客戶以低廉的價格為他們的公司活動,有價值的客戶和私人消費選擇最佳的選擇。

    作為一家公司,W CELLAR憑藉其在香港的10,000平方英尺令人印象深刻的倉庫,其提供的出色的全方位服務,大量的庫存以及強大的IT運營支持,設置香港買酒網,供客人在網上選擇、比較及網上買酒平台,在所有其他紅酒批發商人中獨樹一幟。 毫無疑問,我們是您進行葡萄酒諮詢和購買的最佳合作夥伴!

    W CELLAR is a wine wholesaler and retailer bringing vibrant color to the local beverage industry in Hong Kong. W CELLAR is all about top-quality wine, around the globe, carefully selected by our fine-wine experts. We’re particularly in passionate enthusiasm for helping our customers to choose the best picks for their company’s events, valuable clients and private consumption at bargain prices.

    As a company, W CELLAR is uniquely positioned amongst all the other wine merchants thanks to its impressive 10,000-square-foot warehouse in Hong Kong, its excellent all-round and wine delivery services provided along, its substantial stock holdings, and its robust IT operational supports. We are undeniably your best partner for any wine consultations and purchases!

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