4 Fun ideas Teachers can do on First Day Back to School

  • Back to school is a very exciting time for teachers and students. Here are some fun ideas that teachers can apply from the first day of school to encourage children to communicate with their peers and make a smoother transition to a school environment.

    Starting a new school year is an opportunity to meet new children and create new teaching methods to help them learn better. However, the transition from a happy summer vacation to returning to the classroom may require some adjustments.

    1. Combined interviews

    If you have a group of children who do not know each other well, you can pair them up and invite them to introduce each other.

    Give them a list of questions to ask, such as: where do you live, what is your favorite show, what is your middle name, what is your favorite hobby? etc.
    Then you can ask the children to prepare reports based on the questions they asked and take turns asking them to stand up and read an introduction from the person they interviewed to the class.
    2. Give everyone a task to accomplish
    Having a task to do gives children a sense of responsibility and ownership.

    On the first day of school, give all the students in the class a different task to do every day or once a week throughout the school year goods like pencils guts(.)pk/shop/category/art-supplies/pencils/.
    These responsibilities may consist of straightening the chairs, making the call or putting the equipment away.
    You can ask the children to randomly draw the tasks from a hat or assign them according to where they are sitting.
    3. Play a memory game
    Memory games help children learn each other's names.

    Take a class walk around and ask everyone to say their name out loud and name their favorite pet or hobby. Then ask the designer class to select a person from a random group to say their name and favorite hobby.
    The person next to the group will then have to choose the name and hobby of another person.
    Go around the class until everyone has passed.
    4. Keep a class journal
    You can use the first day of school to ask the children to start a class journal.

    Help them complete the first page at first. You can ask them to write about what they did over the summer.
    Ask them who they spent time with, the places they visited and their favorite part of the summer.

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