How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?

  • Take the opportunity of your wedding anniversary to spend time together!
    Weddings of wood, tin, cotton, crystal ... Each year of marriage has its symbol! Are you lacking inspiration to celebrate yours this year? We give you some ideas for organization and outings for an unforgettable wedding anniversary.
    Why celebrate your wedding anniversary?
    Was your wedding the happiest day of your life and everything went well? If so, celebrating your wedding anniversary will allow you to remember this event, whether you decide to spend it with two or surrounded by your loved ones. If the wedding did not go quite as planned, or you were particularly stressed, celebrating your wedding anniversary is a perfect opportunity to rekindle the flame or simply share a beautiful moment together. Do not miss any advice for your couple relationship and no reduction voucher by creating an Envie de Plus account !
    Wedding of what already?
    Each wedding anniversary traditionally corresponds to a material or a plant. Here are some of the names of these celebrations:
    • 1 year of marriage - cotton wedding
    • 5 years of marriage - wooden wedding
    • 10 years of marriage - tin wedding
    • 15 years of marriage - crystal wedding
    • 20 years of marriage - porcelain wedding
    • 25 years of marriage - silver wedding
    • 30 years of marriage - pearl wedding
    • 40 years of marriage - emerald wedding
    • 50 years of marriage - golden wedding anniversary
    Renewal of vows
    For your 10, 20 or 30 years of marriage, why not renew your wedding vows in front of your loved ones? It is a beautiful proof of love and a way to relive a great day together. This ceremony of renewal of the vows for your wedding anniversary can be religious but it is quite possible to imagine a secular ceremony, which leaves you a great freedom in the organization.
    Your wedding anniversary… at the place of your meeting
    You do not want to have a big party this year? And if you surprised your spouse by taking him to the place of your first meeting? Beyond marriage, you will celebrate your love, your first meeting and you will remember this beautiful moment together.
    Your wedding anniversary… at the restaurant
    Whether you are celebrating your wedding anniversary with two or a few loved ones, the restaurant is always a good idea! Choose a place that suits you, remember to book if there are many of you and enjoy a delicious shared meal.
    Your wedding anniversary… on a romantic weekend
    Difficult to free up time in your daily life to spend time with your other half? Take the opportunity on your wedding anniversary to get out of the game by organizing a romantic weekend to meet up! Do not hesitate to check the offers of travel agencies. Some of them offer preferential rates to couples celebrating their wedding anniversary…
    Get ahead!
    Whichever option you choose, the ideal is to plan your wedding anniversary in advance, to be able to prepare and book quietly if necessary, warn your guests in time and avoid the stress that this kind of opportunity.
    Don't forget to think of a wedding anniversary gift!
    Finally, on D-Day, take care of your look and your hairstyle with a Smooth and Silky!

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