How Much Should You Pay If Your Mover Asks for Deposit?

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    Moving expenses is the main reason of stress for the people who are relocating their home. People don’t want to spend too much money on household move. They look for different ways, tips and tricks in order to save a few bucks while relocating home. And some also follow DIY moving procedure in order to save money. At same time, people who are relocating with professional Packers and Movers in Delhi asked for advance money or deposit then, they get worried and start thinking whether or not the movers are trustworthy. Well, it is possible that your movers can ask you for deposits but, you will have to know other things about advance money or moving fees to decide whether or not to give advance fees to your mover.

    Why are deposits required?
    Advance money or moving deposits are not common so, you should ask your mover why they are asking for funds upfront. There are many reasons your mover can ask you for a deposit like booking their service in peak season. If you are moving during May to August then, the movers can ask to pay a money in advance so that they can be sure that you will not cancel the booking at the last minute.

    How much should you pay in advance?
    As, you know that some Packers and Movers Hyderabad to Guntur, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. can ask for deposit then, now, you may want to know that what is a reasonable amount you should pay. If a mover ask you to make half of the payment or full payment in advance then it is a warning sign. You should then consider hiring any other moving agency in Delhi. But, if your mover has leave it on you to decide how much to pay then, you should not pay more than 5 -10% in advance as a deposit. If you are moving to a long distance move then, you should

    What if you need to cancel the booking?
    If your mover is asking for advance money or deposit then, he should also provide you time for cancel the deposit and still retain the deposit. Most of the companies that ask for deposit upfront gives a minimum of two weeks for cancelling the booking. So, you must ask about when you can and cannot cancel the move, before you pay any advance money to your Packers and Movers Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar.

    So, next time when you will hire Packers and Movers Hyderabad to Delhi, keep all these in your mind and ask the right question to your movers while giving them deposit.

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