Healthy Lifestyle Marketing

  • And again, an interesting question from a colleague, which makes it possible to look at the task a little wider and, perhaps, adjust the strategy ...

    Why is advertising biceps and not health?

    First reason
    Health is very difficult to visualize. The non-obvious (obvious) is very difficult to sell, because, no matter how trite it may sound, they buy the obvious.

    The second reason

    The second, it seems to me, is more important. Buyers of "fitness" or healthy lifestyle are people a little less inclined to "buy health" - as an idea. Why? Before “dreaming” about health, half of them (at least) still have 10–25 years. This idea does not penetrate consciousness with the first signs of "wilting", for its adoption something must happen or years must pass.

    Biceps - participation in social culture, and health - a private matter

    Realizing that it is difficult to sell “health”, sportswear brands, let's say, did not make a mistake and came up with the concept of healthy lifestyle marketing redleos(.)com, which is not about health at all, but about the way of thinking and involvement in a certain social culture. The word "image" in the name of the concept gives out its deep essence! Agree that appears in a public place in sportswear (in crosses, say) - this is an image, not the essence of the phenomenon.

    How to sell the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle

    Participation in the social idea of ​​healthy lifestyle or in the image and the opportunity to demonstrate, confirming this: clothing, biceps, slimness, toned buttocks - for this age and social group, "that is."

    Therefore, yes! In advertising - tight-fitting sportswear, biceps, tight buttocks, bow-shaped lips and boobs in tops are external signs of involvement. The health of consumers, in general, is not of interest to anyone who speaks about HLS “from the screen”.

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