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  • According to a survey of many condominiums, high-end villas and households with many multi-room houses all use cooling equipment which is Daikin multi-system - by this line (air conditioner) this Daikin air conditioner is designed. This is to be reserved for places with tight spaces in the area of ​​setting outdoor units or creating aesthetics for houses to prevent the setting of too many outdoor units, causing aesthetics. This multi Daikin air conditioner is also known as the mother-holding line (includes 1 outdoor unit attached to many other indoor units such as wall mounted, ceiling or air-conditioner, etc.). Currently, this Daikin air conditioner is increasingly asserting consumers' position and beliefs because of the quality and convenience of this air conditioner. Thousands of new apartment housing projects across the country have put the plan to use multi-air conditioning as a confirmation for the position of this new generation of regulators. maylanhhailongvan.com/san-pham/bang-gia-may-lanh-multi-daikin-inverter-gas-r410a-nam-2015-881.html Daikin Inverter air conditioners use completely different technology. The machine works similarly to a car gas pedal, gently increasing or deceleration. Multi Daikin air conditioners reach the required heat faster and maintain this temperature in a stable manner.

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    Especially multi daikin air conditioner is one of the quietest current air conditioner lines thanks to design improvements such as the use of outdoor unit compressor, motor and fan to ensure noise reduction.
    If you want to save more cost, install multi Daikin air conditioner with wall mounted indoor unit.

    It is not a pleasure to install this multi Daikin air conditioner because this line installation requires a relatively high cost to install.

    For those customers who have high aesthetic requirements and want to save space in the installation process, it is recommended to choose multi Daikin air conditioner immediately, which is used much for large spaces or many small rooms. Together such as: high-class apartments, apartments, corporate offices, restaurants, ... places where people often gather.


    To find out the reason that the air conditioner is not cold due to the lack or loss of gas or not, the following expression must be determined in the air conditioner:

    1. Machine is cold or not cold.

    2. Appearing snow on the outdoor unit's small pipe valve.

    3. Operating current is lower than the rated current on the machine.

    4. Especially for some air conditioners, the control board will automatically shutdown after about 5-10 minutes and report the error on the indoor unit when not enough gas for the machine to operate.

    *** How to solve: Should contact the service that you cooperate with to be able to timely load gas with specialized pipeline inspection equipment, make sure the pipe is not open after repair and Additional air conditioning.

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