Selling + installation of LG freezer cabinet stand construction is the cheapest in the market - only in July

  • In the case of many households, they will often install indoor units in the hottest corner of the room: 1. This, will make the air conditioner run overload, especially on days when the outdoor temperature is up to 40oC, the air conditioner in the corner of the room is hot or the direct sunlight will make the air conditioner Brace yourself to cool the hottest wall before going to other places in the room. 2. Accidentally we have reduced somewhat the capacity and life of the machine, which is the cause of the air condition is not cold. *** Solution: Before installing the air conditioner, consult the refrigeration workers to find the most suitable and suitable place to install the air conditioner. However, in the case of "missed" then contact the service side to move the machine to a cooler and more open place. On hot sunny days, many people tend to want to cool quickly, the LG series of freezer air conditioners with ultra-cool cooling dissolve the heat instantly by a large capacity range from 2.5hp / 3hp / 5.5hp up to 10hp (horse)

    In short, if you want to choose air-conditioners for installation in large spaces such as factories, buildings or offices, halls, cafeterias, etc., LG freezer air-conditioners - lg capacitors are suitable air-conditioner lines. most for places with the above area. If you still have questions or are still confused when you finish reading this article - call directly to 028 6250 2616 to get direct advice without any charge. LONG VAN HAI LONG VAN MACHINE Address: 154 / 23TCH10, KP9, P.Tan Chanh Hiep, District 12, HCMC

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    Capacity range of LG cabinet freezer line owns 2.5hp / 3hp / 5.5hp / 10hp (horse) LG freezer air conditioner is installed for factories, cafeterias, buildings, cafés, apartments, houses, etc. where the area is small to large. Business Department: 028 6250 2616 - 028 6686 3809 Technique: 0909 787 022 Mr Hoang - Strong and wide wind flow, powerful operation brings the most comfort for users. - Easy to maintain, just remove the front mask to clean the heat exchanger easily. - Easy to move and install, maintenance is also easier than other models.

    Refer to the price list for LG vertical cabinet air conditioner here:

    What made LG's line of freezer cabinets so big? - The most "top" cooling capacity in air conditioner lines - Stable operation for a long time, withstand high loads for many people. - Tree design adds accents to space. - Easy to install, clean and maintain later. - Attractive thanks to the "special" beauty - Luxury design gives consumers a cool natural breeze and extremely fast cooling. - Class, the most luxurious of all air-conditioner lines. - Quiet operation, ensuring quiet space necessary for customers to use These are the reasons that this LG freezer line is popular for installation in large, crowded places.

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