Where to sell and install air conditioners of companies - LG stand-by cabinets are very cheap

  • Does using air conditioning really cost electricity as you think? But with LG series of freezer air conditioner, not only does it not consume electricity like normal air-conditioner lines but also maximizes savings for homeowners by being born with Korean technology - LG focuses on producing Inverter air conditioner series (power saving) not only this LG vertical cabinet air conditioner. Air conditioners will have to operate a lot, consuming more electricity if they encounter problems. Normally, if the air conditioner filter is dusty, the air conditioner will have to operate with a capacity 15% higher than normal.

    Therefore, it is necessary to have regular air conditioning and maintenance plan. Turning off lights in the home can reduce the temperature. Besides, the sunlight from the outside shines through the window also affects the temperature caused by the air conditioner. In general, restrict air conditioning to the sun from outside. maylanhhailongvan.vn/may-lanh/tu-dung-lg/ · Air-conditioner in stand-by cabinet is the model with the fastest cooling mode and time compared to wall, ceiling or ceiling ...

    High load capacity, suitable for crowded places like factories, warehouses ...
    · Easy to install and move, especially when maintenance occurs, it will be easier than other machines.

    LG vertical cabinet air conditioner is usually installed for living room, hall, office, company, showroom, hospital school to factory, cafeteria, .... where there is big space.


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    Capacity range of LG cabinet freezer line owns 2.5hp / 3hp / 5.5hp / 10hp (horse)

    LG freezer air conditioner is installed for factories, cafeterias, buildings, cafés, apartments, houses, etc. where the area is small to large.

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    • Strong and wide wind flow, powerful operation brings the most comfort for users.
    • Easy to maintain, just remove the front mask to clean the heat exchanger easily.
    • Easy to move and install, maintenance is also easier than other models.


    · With LG freezer air conditioner, it has air conditioning capability for a large space.
    · The air blowing mask is evenly distributed along the base, ensuring that the wind will be rotated evenly in the room.
    · Being the line with the highest aesthetics of all types of air conditioners on the market today, creating a modern and classy space
    · As the air conditioner flows indirectly through the air duct system, the cold air will be softer than the direct air conditioner (air-conditioner or wall-mounted air conditioner).

    In short, if you want to choose air-conditioners for installation in large spaces such as factories, buildings or offices, halls, cafeterias, etc., LG freezer air-conditioners - lg capacitors are suitable air-conditioner lines. most for places with the above area.

    If you still have questions or are still confused when you finish reading this article - call directly to 028 6250 2616 to get direct advice without any charge.

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