Receive 10% discount voucher when buying LG freezer air conditioner here and now

  • To choose a first air conditioner that is very simple but no less important, it is a brief list of air conditioner brands present in Vietnam market today. Please pay attention to the following 4 items before finding out or buying any air conditioner:

    · Brand name
    · Technology (inverter / standard)
    · Where production
    · Warranty

    Just need to know 4 factors above, choosing a suitable brand for space is no longer difficult.
    With LG freezer air conditioner, electricity bill is no longer an obsession at the end of the month.
    (Preferential price only in July when there is a need to buy LG freezer air conditioner directly call 028 6250 2616 for dedicated advice + best price list)

    The reason is to choose the LG freezer air conditioner to install because normal machines have weak cooling capacity, so if you want to cool like an air conditioner, LG stand must operate twice, from there, the ability to consume money also increases because of that.

    The first reason to make LG freezer air conditioner - lg device in particular and air conditioner in general, the reasons why the machine is loudly called after a period of use, making loud noise may be caused by air conditioner Place the channel, balance the balance. This is most likely due to the fact that the refrigeration workers are not skilled, and during the installation process negligence leads to the phenomenon of air-conditioner making noise.

    Suitable for installation for living rooms, halls, offices, companies, showrooms, hospital schools to factories, restaurants, .... where there is big space.

    Address: 154 / 23TCH10, KP9, P.Tan Chanh Hiep, District 12, HCMC
    Website: -

    Capacity range of LG cabinet freezer line owns 2.5hp / 3hp / 5.5hp / 10hp (horse)
    LG freezer air conditioner is installed for factories, cafeterias, buildings, cafés, apartments, houses, etc. where the area is small to large.

    Business Department: 028 6250 2616 - 028 6686 3809
    Technique: 0909 787 022 Mr Hoang

    Some customers often wonder "why is air conditioner so watery"? Explain the above reasons for many different reasons:

    This small phenomenon of air conditioning is not a worrying thing, but this is a very common "disease" of many houses. The main reason comes from not having enough knowledge when using air-conditioner, or sometimes due to negligence but forgetting to have "routine examination" for air-conditioner. - Due to installation error. - Filter net gets dirty. - Drainage pipes are blocked. - The indoor unit fan is broken. - Air conditioner lacks gas. In short, it is not only the stand-free air conditioner LG just need to pay attention to a little bit, it will detect the disease right away, so it should be fixed soon to avoid turning the house into a pool.

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