Air conditioner Daikin standing cabinet - cheap price for factory, office

  • Daikin vertical cabinet air conditioner is rated as air conditioner with long-term durability, can withstand high load and operate continuously for long time.

    We can choose 3 types of automatic wind with various blowing directions: blowing forward, left, right to match the space, the structure of the room. With the intelligent blowing mode, the freezer cabinet can automatically adjust the independent air flow up and down quickly, helping evenly distribute cold air throughout the room. So Daikin freezer air conditioner is very suitable for restaurants, conferences, offices, factories, restaurants, ... where the space is large.
    The airflow rate is stronger than other air conditioners.
    The blower of the indoor unit inside the large freezer cabinet is used, the cyclone used is usually the piston type, so the stability of the cabinet is high, less damaged.
    Stand-up air-conditioner is easy to install, high aesthetic because Daikin cabinet-mounted air-conditioners are designed to be hidden to lower floors and outdoor units placed in outer space.
    Stand-by air-conditioners can help architects create aesthetics for the room by sounding air-con on walls such as wardrobes, or hiding pipes close to walls.
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    (also has 3hp / 4hp / 5hp / 5.5hp / 10hp / 20hp (horse)

    Normally, air-conditioners mainly serve people, but today it is more widely used in industry, cooling machines, equipment ...

    Daikin standing cabinet air conditioner: a variety of products with capacity from 28,000 BTU / h to 100,000 BTU / h, Inverter and non-inverter machines.

    Talking about industrial air-conditioner line - not to mention the series of cabinet-mounted air conditioner Daikin - nowadays, in most factories and industrial parks, this is the presence of this series of Daikin cabinet-freezers - by capacity range up to 100,000BTU equivalent to 10hp (horse)

    With the trust of customers, Daikin has always developed and launched new models that not only have Daikin freezer line air conditioner, but also have ceiling, wall, ceiling pressure, ... quality and models. very diverse, technological improvements, improved energy consumption, improved production processes to meet customer demand during the 4.0 technology era.

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