Good price for 2 cheap Daikin and LG air conditioners here

  • Ceiling air conditioners are the most popular products at commercial centers, offices, or wedding restaurants, holding conferences today. A wide range of power ranges from 1.5HP to 6.5HP meets large capacity rooms, 4-way or multi-directional blow masks for even cooling throughout your room.

    Cassette ceiling air conditioner has 2 leading brands in quality and style: LG - Daikin
    With 2 Daikin ceiling negative air conditioners and LG (5hp) ceiling air conditioners present almost everywhere in the market because of the luxurious design when installing will add to the space. 2 lines with power (2.5hp / 4hp / 5hp / 5.5hp)

    With Daikin ceiling negative air conditioner series

    o As a high-end brand of air-conditioner in Japan, sound-proof air conditioner possesses outstanding advantages that no air conditioner has. The model has a bit of classic but Daikin air conditioning is suitable for every room design. Moreover, the durability of Daikin Ceiling Air Conditioner is less comparable to any other air conditioner.

    o According to experience from customers who have used Daikin Ceiling Air Conditioners, Daikin air conditioning system runs smoothly, with little error, easy and simple cleaning.

    Daikin ceiling air conditioner FCF100CVM / RZF100CVMV - 4.0hp - Inverter Gas R32
    Price: VND 41,050,000
    Daikin ceiling air conditioner FCF60CVM / RZF60CV2V - 2.5hp - Inverter Gas R32
    Price: 33,250,000 VND
    Daikin ceiling air conditioner FCF50CVM / RZF50CV2V - 2hp - Inverter Gas R32
    Price: 26,800,000 VND

    Total link for all models of Daikin standing cabinet air conditioner:

    Address: 154 / 23TCH10, KP9, P.Tan Chanh Hiep, District 12, HCMC
    Website: -
    With LG series air conditioner, they are experienced in energy saving and environment-friendly thanks to the use of friendly refrigerant gas streams.

    Detailed price list for LG air conditioner:

    o High ceiling mode up to 4.2m a new feature will support fast and strong maintenance.

    Business Department: 028 6250 2616 - 028 6686 3809
    Technique: 0909 787 022 Mr Hoang

    o The LG air conditioner is wide, the wind blades are improved and the design is installed on the corner of the panel to help remove the latches to check or maintain the indoor unit so it is convenient compared to other lines. another machine. Automatically changing the height of the retrieval grid will help clean the filter in a simpler and more convenient way.

    Ceiling air conditioner LG ATNQ48GMLE6 / ATUQ48GMLE6 - 5.0 HP - 5 horse Gas R410a Inverter
    Price: VND 35,200,000

    Ceiling air conditioner LG ATNQ18GPLE6 / ATUQ18GPLE6 - 2.0 HP - 2 horses Gas R410a Inverter
    Price: 20,800,000 VND
    Ceiling air conditioner LG ATNQ24GPLE6 / ATUQ24GPLE6 - 2.5 HP - 2.5 horse - Gas R410a Inverter
    Price: 23,000,000 VND
    o Smooth operation with 3D mode enhances airflow and reduces noise to the maximum when operating.
    o In addition, with the kinetic design will help air flow through the wind mouth restricting the production of dirt on the ceiling.

    o LG air conditioner is always in the top selling air conditioner because of its low price, sustainable brand, quality and beautiful design.

    o Compact and slim size, it is easy to install all different spaces.

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