a 28 years old standard guy, working in Central, seeking mistress

  • I am a HKer grow up locally, enter a gd college, a gd university and having a gd job now. I found my life quite standardized and systemic. Making me think of why I am here and what I really like. Being a submissive slave is a way to escape my life. I find everyone has his own secret life?
    In my bottom of heart, I found women are prestigious and should own slaves to serve them. They are talent and men should beg for liquids produced by them to survive. I also think Woman are smarter and handle things better than man. So I wish I can be a slave and obedient to my only mistress. Unfortunately, it’s real difficult to find in HK.
    For any mistress or girls with her pipeline for being mistress, please kindly add my wechat: paul71hk or skype: paul71hk@hotmail.com
    Thanks for your time reading the message.

  • Which Uni r you from ?

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