FEMALE sex slave wanted

  • any hot lady want to get spanked, humiliated, embarrassed and even controlled?? by a local chinese GUY?
        u have to be hot, and i mean....i expect both your body figure and you are wearing high heels or in a way that u look hot, stunning.
        I am NOT tall(maybe u are taller than me, i dont give a fxxk, i will put u on your knees anyway), but very dominant! sporty and muscular.
        no pro, dd free is a must!! safe sex is a very very important issue to me.
        the game would be happened in various locations, both outdoor, public places and of course in door. no real sex outdoors, i am dominant, naughty but i am also very careful and surely am not crazy, u wont get caught.
        this is NOT BDSM! i personally hate violence. u are punished, dominated by getting spanked, slapped. i mean u will be perfectly fine , getting no hurts after meeting me, surely can go to work or swim tomorrow.
    more here:
    my game, my rules. (if u bother, then u are not the one i looking for, your comments i would take care, but i am a guy dominate inside out. please note that this is not normal BDSM, i m playing with my rules, please read through.)
    your limit will be respected.
    i wanna recruit a submissive slave for more fun.
    my stuffs wont be hardcore, so i guess my ad certainly worth for you to take a look:
    I am a dominant MALE. who look good and ripped.
    looking for a submissive FEMALE who really loves missions (like hanging out with me wearing NO underwear insides, masturbation at office/college/cinema, and more missions to accomplish...) and toys.
    you have to be sexy. prefer busty and slim.
    i can compromise, but you have to be very loyal to my orders, no fun if you say NOs too often.
    I am not a crazy guy, you wont get caught and I am a considerate person.
    Game 1: "sexual assault during bus ride"
    that u and i take the same route, but we get on the bus from different stops. we will pretend to be total strangers, we wont talk. then when no one pay attention on us, i will "sexually assault" u! just touch or if u can accept exposing your nipples depends mainly on your decision and subjective environmental factors.
    at last we just leave the bus at different bus stops.
    of coz the details can be modified, we can discuss.
    reply with nude body photos(no face needed. dont lie on bed, please stand still, a timer could help u), leave you details (body figures of coz, and some background)

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