I am a 40 years old woman. Any nice woman (NO GUY) want to join me for MAN HUNTING in Soho Central ?

  • Hello,
    I will go to Soho Central for drinks, listen music, dancing and man hunting sometimes. Would you like to join me? I am average to good looking, medium build. Could be talkative (active and wild) and quiet depends on my mood.

    Furthermore, I am into RAP, hiphop and house music. I will not get drunk and I don't like woman to get drunk too. I like cool music and gentleman. If you got similar mindset, you are more than welcome to send me a private message here.

    In the private message, please introduce yourself a bit, like your age, height....may be also mention what's your hobbies, so that I can learn you more.

    Sorry guys, ONLY WOMAN'S TALK, NO GUYS please ( If you want to try your luck, please don't waste your time because I have a way to avoid man even though you are thinking to pretend to be a woman to chat with me ) .

    BTW, I am not familiar with the new she com page design yet, so it may
    takes me a bit of time to reply your message. Good day !

  • Hi Lily, I am interested in your proposal, but I dont know to make private chat with you in she ;(

    Would anyone teach me? thanks

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