Safe sex ? How many of you know how to protect yourself from sex disease and HIV ?

  • Hi everyone,

    How are you everyone here?
    I came back here for a few weeks. I didn't hang out here for ages. But I still find that the men here still request a blowjob from a gal/ woman and the men still provide a pussy licking for gal/ woman. How many of guys and woman know that you got very high chance to get sex disease and HIV by doing that ?

    Many years ago, I was told that there are many people got HIV . Are those people still hang around here ? Here's my observation, the people go to clubbing got the idea about safe sex. 99% of the guys won't ask for a blowjob from me. Good sex is enjoyable and exciting. Please do check out the good article about what is SAFE SEX and PROTECT YOURSELF FROM CASUAL SEX.

    Any sharing from you guys/ boy/ woman/ gal ? Cheers

  • @sunriselily nice post. thank you.

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